Fund the Requirements and Earn Enormous Rewards

Requirements of Repair Work at the Campus - June 2017 Update :

Electricity Wiring Repair : 10000 Krones = $1179.25
Windows Repair Work : 300000 Krones =$35377.36

Painting Work : 70000 Krones= $8254.72
Ventilation Repair Work : 250000 Krones= $29481.13

JULY'17 UPDATE : Repair Work Started



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Earn Sadaqa e Jariya for Yourself

Alhamdulillahi Bi naimatihi Tatimussalihaath , With Allah SWT's help & mercy and all your sincere duas & sharings , NurulQuran Institute in Oslo , Norway is working to spread Knowledge of Al Quran & Sunnah .

Video Updates of NurulQuran Institute in Norway

All Your support via Dua’s and contributions are greatly appreciated for making this Learning Center a reality. May Allah (swt) accept all efforts & make this process smooth and bless everyone involved in building this Center Aameen.

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

As you all know , Nurul Quran Institute is a non-profit organization working since years dedicated to spreading authentic Islamic knowledge of Quran & Sunnah .And also working towards dawah through education & social welfare.

ALHAMDULILLAH ! By the enormous Grace and Mercy of Allah (swt) ,
NurulQuran Institue has secured a deal to purchase a building
for Islamic Education of Muslim community& Social Welfare.

   The Center would be the first of it's kind in Oslo,Norway to offer courses for in-depth understanding
    of Qur'an and Sunnah . Thus establishment of this centre, will not only be a great source of knowledge and
benefit for Norway Community but will be of great benefit for this generation & future generations
to come of the whole Muslim community internationally inshaAllah.

Lets make a difference with our small contributions to humanity by being a part of this project ,
to connect lost hearts with their Rabb,
to protect & save generations & generations from being the dwellers of hellfire ,
to correct the mistaken image of our religion in western societies ,
to mould our own future generations to be leaders of pious & pioneers of good conduct.

Even a $1, given with sincere intention of pleasing Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala can be multiplied manifolds bi'iznillah.

"And the likeness of those who spend their substance, seeking to please Allah and to strengthen their souls, is as a garden, high and fertile: heavy rain falls on it but makes it yield a double increase of harvest, and if it receives not Heavy rain, light moisture suffice it. Allah sees well whatever you do "[2:265]

Let’s race to seize the opportunity & spend for our Palaces in Jannah! 

Avail this Golden Opportunity while we are alive! Imagine reaping rewards for donating to this building, for every student that will study there,, for every household that will be leaders of pious, for every Muslim that will pray there…..everlasting and a non-ending reward. 

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Earn Sadaqa e Jariya for Yourself

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